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The chocolatecakes has emerged as a ‘Popular’ in the field of baking with an unmatched reputation in the market.


Thechoclatecakes as a 'Famous Icon' in the field of heating with an unequaled notoriety in the market. We are continually driving our way by structuring wonderful and creative cakes and different treats.

As indicated by present day time, we follow the patterns; we prepared merchandise as per all gatherings and individuals. We are the most popular Cake Shop in Vellore as we focused on the top class creation and offer benevolent client assistance that makes you increasingly agreeable in sharing your perspectives and requirements.

We are Specialist in baking cakes.

Likewise, we offer Online Cake Delivery also. You can provide your request available to come in to work or on the web and your request will reach at your doorstep as fast as could reasonably be expected

- always fresh ingredients;

- only professionals in this job;

- every customer satisfied.

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Our Sweet History

We are Specialist in baking cakes for any occasions like birthday cakes, wedding cakes or cakes for any special occasions.


Started Cake Online Delivery

Started Cake online Delivery in Vellore.

23, July

Making Chocolate Cakes

At the first time in vellore Started Creative Chocolate Cakes.

11, May

Milk Shake with Chocos

Serving Quality and Yummy taste Milk Shake with Chocos.

08, February


Suger Free Chocolate and Cup Cakes

We are Expert in Suger free Cakes and Choclates making

12, November

German Black Forest

German Black Forest Cakes Only Available in our Shop in vellore.

29, September

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Our Customers Say

We bake Cakes for all age groups of people. Trusted by more than 1 million customers worldwide.

“Outstanding quality & taste. Totally recommend!”

I Order Cake on thechocolatecakes, very nice Quality and I Like the taste of Vanila Cake. Awesome and Yummy Cake. Loved it...

Anitha Vijay

Magazine Fashion Photographer

“Awesome and Yummy Cake. Loved it”

I was surprised with the Quality of cake that was provided by thechocolatecakes. Yummy taste and very safe packing.

Kaviya Ravi

Home Maker